If You Are Not Rooting For Minnesota to Make the CFP, Fuck You.

Yep, if this is you, fuck off.

How much fun would it be if the Golden Gophers beat Iowa, Wisconsin, and then Ohio State in the conference championship game, making the most improbable CFP run ever? The greatest Cinderella story in football this millennium. WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT?

Minnesota’s weird tiny head coach really knows how to get his guys rolling, or should I saw ROWING, as he’s got them peaking at the perfect time after a slow start to the season. Iowa is catching them at the wrong time this weekend.

If Minnesota beats Iowa this weekend, which is very possible as they are only 2.5 point underdogs, they have almost locked up a Rose Bowl birth at worst. That would still be cool, but back to my original point, if you aren’t still rooting for them to keep winning and make the CFP, eat shit and get a life.

Not only would the story be awesome, but we would get a break from these dumb red-colored teams that the CFP committee has been shoving in our faces since 2014 like Ohio State, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Georgia. With the Gophers we’d get a maroon team. Definitely not red. Wouldn’t the very obviously not red colors of Minnesota be a fun visual break? I think so. They have shiny helmets too.

ROW THE BOAT (please I’m begging you football gods don’t give us four of the five that we’ve been watching for years in the CFP).

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