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Week Eleven College Football Picks

Well, last week SUCKED. I had my worst week ever, but even after last week my season win total is still in the green at 32-23-4.

I said it last week and it didn’t matter, but I really do like some of the lines this week. I identified nine that fit my criteria to put on the blog, and I chose my favorite six to give to you guys.

I don’t have time to write explanations for them all this week, so I’ll just list them. Back to the full blog post next week!

Good luck!

Illinois +14.5 (@ Michigan State)

USC @ Arizona State over 56

Liberty @ BYU over 58.5

LSU @ Alabama under 63.5

Baylor -2.5 (@ TCU)

Louisville +6.5 (@ Miami)

Edited at end of week: I finished 3-3 this week, and I am now 35-26-4 on the season.

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