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Week Eight College Football Picks

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Another winning week in the books! I went 3-1-1, and I am now 23-14-4 on the season. Lets keep it going this week. With that being said, the board STINKS this weekend.

To pull back the curtain a little, every week I identify as many games as I can that are a certain amount of points to my advantage when looking at my projected spreads and totals, and what lines Vegas gives out. I usually find about ten games where my projection suggests an advantage compared to the lines, and then I pick my favorite five or six for you guys. This week, I ONLY FOUND ONE GAME. That game is Oklahoma State -3.5.

Bet at your own risk with these ones. I am just going to lay out the ones that I found a tiny edge on, but that aren’t my normal type of picks based on projections and where the lines are at. No explanations on these ones. I can already tell that next week will be back to normal for my numbers/picks.

Good luck!

Oklahoma State -3.5 (vs Baylor)

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Oklahoma State

Illinois +32 (vs Wisconsin)

Arizona State +14 (@ Utah)

Iowa State @ Texas Tech over 55

Texas A&M @ Ole Miss over 55

USC team total over 37.5 (vs Arizona)

Tennessee @ Alabama first half over 34.5

Edited at end of week: I went 3-4 this week, and I am now 26-18-4 on the season.

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