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Week Five College Football Picks

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Well guys, last week stunk. I knew last week was fishy because I gave out seven picks when I should have given four. I went 2-4-1 and I am now 14-10-2 on the season. Still a profitable start to the season, so we’re all good. It’s a new week.

Speaking of that, last season I only had three losing weeks, so I like my chances this week if I keep following my system (summary of this week’s picks at end of blog).

I am doing the unthinkable this week, too. I’m taking my beloved Oregon State Beavers. There is magic in the air in Corvallis. The students are back on campus. The unveiling of the new orange uniforms. Stanford stinks. Beavs are not only going to cover, but they’re going to win it on the field. Book it.

Possibly my favorite bet of the week is Baylor. I love head coach Matt Rhule and what he’s doing with that program. This is sneaky one of the best games of the week. Baylor at home, with a head coach who is 11-3 against the spread as an underdog of seven points or less? Give it to me.

I’m taking Oklahoma because Texas Tech is without their QB and Oklahoma is going to steamroll them. Big favorites have been really good against the spread this season

I’m banking on Minnesota playing well for once. They’re a very lucky 3-0 team, and they know that. They’ll be pumped up, and Purdue is a classic home team playing the early game. This is a good spot for Minnesota to grab a huge conference win.

Lastly, my Wazzu pick is based on the fact that Utah is terrible against air raid offenses. Utah just lost to USC running the air raid last week, and Mike Leach is 4-1 against Utah as Wazzu’s head coach. Utah is notoriously bad against spread and air raid teams, similar to Stanford’s struggles. This is just a bad matchup, even if Wazzu blew a thousand point lead last week. Won’t happen this week.

Sorry for the shorter analysis this week, but good luck and happy betting! Here’s the list if picks for you:

Baylor +3 (vs Iowa State)

Oklahoma -27 (vs Texas Tech)

Oregon State +4.5 (vs Stanford)

Washington State +5.5 (@ Utah)

Minnesota ML -125 (@Purdue)

Edited at end of week: I finished 4-1 this week and am now 18-11-2 on the season.

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