The Definitive List Of The Coolest Coaching Attire By Sport

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Lets get into it!

3. Basketball Coaches – Suits

Most basketball coaches wear suits, with the exception of thicc bois like West Virginia coach Bob “Huggy Bear” Huggins who somehow gets away with wearing the comfiest clothes imaginable on the court. Love that move.NCAA Basketball Tournament - West Virginia v Gonzaga

Most coaches look really sharp like John Calipari or Jay Wright.

Basketball coaches are last on my list of coolest coaching attires because while some people look cool in suits, MOST people look fucking terrible in suits. Also, suits are uncomfortable and hot.

Wearing suits on the sideline is a stupid tradition. If Goldman Sachs can relax their dress code, basketball coaches should be able to relax their sideline outfits.

2. Baseball Managers – Wearing a Whole Ass Uniform Like a Player

Fat old white guys in baseball uniforms is one of the best things in all of sports, but interestingly it is only second on my list.

Tell me something better than Lou Piniella wearing baseball pants kicking dirt around, yelling at umpires. You cant. lou-kick-dirt

I like to imagine Tommy Lasorda crushing some lasagna and beers before squeezing into tight baseball pants and managing the Dodgers. Just an incredible baseball tradition.Lasorda-Tommy_Brad-Mangin-BMANGINneg276_HoFUseOnly

Baseball is a sport filled with unwritten rules that no one can really explain, and fat old managers wearing baseball pants just to sit in the dugout is one of the best ones.

  1. Football Coaches – Wearing Whatever The Hell They Want

For whatever reason, football coaches seem to wear whatever they want. A lot of college football coaches wear polos and a dad hat, with the occasional nice looking half zip if it’s chilly, because apparel companies use that national TV games to sell said products.

I call the polo/dad hat look the Football/Golf Swag Mashup.

Another football coach look that you see is the one that Dabo Swinney has made fashionable, The Cool Comfy Sweater Guy. This is a good look, makes our guy Dabo look more relatable, just like one of the guys.

As for NFL coaches, they’re all over the place. Mike Vrabel wears sleeveless shirts. Matt Patricia looks like a slob. Pete Carroll is a big hoodie guy. Andy Reid wears giant red jackets that make him look hilarious.

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And finally, the King of the NFL attire, Bill Belichick. My dude looks homeless, and I have to respect that level of comfort.

I’m all about diversity and comfort. Football coaches could go straight from the sidelines to the golf course, or they can just roll out of bed and wear whatever they want. The complete opposite of basketball coaches.

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