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College Football Week 3 Picks

Welcome back! Well, last week sucked. We went 3-5 and had our first losing week. Back on track this week! We are still 13-6 on the season.

I am in Vegas enjoying myself so I am not going to do a full write up, but I have two notes. I found the ugliest, nastiest, grossest pick of the week that still falls within my formula. Auburn at Penn State during the white out game. Bet that and close your eyes and hope for the best. I’m back on my Bo Nix bullshit.

Second note, I have traditionally had more success with totals than spreads, so this week is total heavy to get back to our winning ways. Weirdly, I identified a bunch of overs which I don’t necessarily like, but hey, I am just following the system.

Reminder, I was over 60% ATS and totals in 2018 and 2019, with a higher win percentage when picking totals, so the system works either way in the long run. Fuck Covid and the 2020 season, though.

On to the picks!

Auburn +5 (@ Penn State)

Coastal Carolina @ Buffalo over 57.5

Nebraska @ Oklahoma over 62

Boise St -3.5 (vs Oklahoma State)

Arizona State @ BYU over 50

San Jose State @ Hawaii over 61


Edited at end of week: 0-6 on the week, now 13-12 on the season.

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