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Week Nine College Football Picks

We’re back, my dudes! My season record is still ass, but I have found my stride, Hawaii and the Mountain West are back, the Big10 is back, the Pac12 is back soon, we’re GUCCI. Here we come .500 and beyond.

Just to gather all of the info in one spot since I tweeted some picks, my total season record is now *covers mouth and mumbles* 16-19. Check the bottom of each blog after each week from here on for an updated season record.

Here we go!

My two superstitious picks that don’t need any explanation, and if you don’t bet them with me you aren’t allowed to read my blog anymore:

Auburn +3 (vs LSU) – I need to seek treatment on my Auburn addiction

Hawaii Moneyline -115 (@ Wyoming)

My three normal-brained picks:

West Virginia -3 (vs Kansas State)

Unranked WVU giving three against #16 Kansas State? This line STINKS. So stinky. It’s rotten. It’s gross. It’s moist when it should be dry. It’s warm when it should be cold. It doesn’t make sense, so of course I love it.

Obviously squares will see a ranked team getting points, but the ESPN FPI says it is a toss up, and my projected spread is actually only WVU -1 but that doesn’t take into account whatever home field advantage there is, or the curious line that Vegas put out. Hammer WVU and close your eyes until the end of the game.

Iowa -2.5 (vs Northwestern)

This is the EXACT opposite as the last pick. How is Iowa, coming off of a loss, only -2.5 against Northwestern??????

In this case, I’m not falling for the fishy line. But, consider this: ESPN FPI favors Northwestern on the road! My projected spread is way off from that, at Iowa -5. Those numbers are rarely that different, but I am going to trust my system vs ESPN FPI here, because I also have the more talented team and home field in this game.

Texas @ Oklahoma State over 58.5

I don’t know, I generally like Texas overs because Sam Ehlinger scores points as an experienced QB and their defense is Swiss cheese.

The only Texas game this season to stay under 58 points was their win last week against Baylor, but every other offense has had no trouble scoring, and Oklahoma State will have no problem doing the same. Texas games are averaging 77 points per game, so I have a ton of confidence in this one. No numbers based analysis needed.


Edited at end of week: went 3-2 this week, and we are now 19-21 on the season.

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