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Week Two College Football Picks

Well, the board stunk and my picks stunk last week. Bad news: the board stinks again. I am so excited for next weekend when we get some good games. Good news: I am much more comfortable with my picks after week one. In my three years of doing this, I have yet to have a winning first week. I find my groove once I get a data set to work with.

So, here are the picks! No long analysis with them this week, I got busy and didn’t have time. Happy gambling.

Liberty @ Western Kentucky game over 51.5

Tulane -6.5 (vs Navy)

Pitt -21 (vs Syracuse)

UCF -7 (@ Georgia Tech)

Miami +2.5 (@ Louisville)

Wake Forest +1 (@ NC State)


Edited at end of week: I went 3-3 this week, and I am now 4-7 on the season.

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